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Dangers of buying a property in Spain via video

With todays current climate, we understand how frustrating it can be, by not being able to visit Spain, to find your place in the sun, and having to put your plans on hold for the moment, and for this reason, it can seem like video or virtual tours of properties and buying that way, may seem to be the best idea, However, please be warned against this - if you are not 100% familiar with an area, the street, the complex or the property itself, then it can be a costly mistake.


Due to Covid, there are lots of agents trying to push people to go down this route, but here are just a few reasons why RB Casas are against the idea!


Risks involved with buying via video/virtual tours


  1. Bad Videos: The agent wants you to buy, so, they will only show you what they want you to see, you may think that photos and videos of the property are enough to go by, no matter how many photos or videos are taken, or from however many angles, there are things they'll miss, things that may have put you off, if you were there in person.
  2. Smells - the agent definitely won't tell you how a house smells,and there might be some unpleasant odours if it hasn't been well maintained such as dampness, and or if in a bad area (for example, La manga has an issue with it's drainage and can smell terrible, you don't want to be smelling raw sewage whilst trying to have your breakfast).
  3. Noise: They can't tell you what kind of noise levels you'll be dealing with, what if there is a construction site opposite, or busy commercial centre, a busy road, noisy neighbours?
  4. Speaking of Neighbours - A video tour will not show who's living next door.
  5. The Area - It's not just about finding the right property, but also the right area, what if you get there and you don't like it?
  6. Solicitors and Power of attorney - by not being here, you miss out on the opportunity to select your own independent solicitors, and instead will be directed to the agents preferred partners, this means the deposit is paid to them and can make it harder for you to pull out if you need to.
These are just a few of the reasons that make buying via video a huge risk, and even though many agents will tell you not to worry, unfortunately, the above are not valid reasons to pull out of the contract, and will result in you losing your deposit, a deposit in Spain to secure a property can be anywhere from 3,000 euros plus.
Buying in Spain should be an enjoyable experience, and nothing beats coming out in person to view the areas, and properties.



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